Florida Theological Chaplaincy Academy  & FTU - "Commissioned to Equip Those Called to Reach the World"
ACCOMMODATIONS Florida Theological Ministries, Inc.
Florida Theological Ministries Inc. educates, certifies and ordains caring Professional Chaplains. They are equipped to serve all ethnic backgrounds, denominations, and nationalities. We have a dynamic curriculum and a diverse staff who serve all people, faith- based communities, and those of non-religious practices. 
You may not have a church home and need to plan an event. Our Contact Ministries oversee ceremonies and perform religious services meaningful to you. For joyful celebrations such as weddings, dedications, baby christenings, etc. We are also available for those unfortunate times of loss and unforeseen challenges.  
Call FTM Contact Ministries for your personal, groups, corporate, city, government, law enforcement, military affairs and special events.  FTM serves a multi-cultural population as clergy, life coach, and facilitator.  Thank you for allowing Florida Theological Ministries Inc. and FTCA Contact Ministries to serve you.
For class schedule and community services call 754-245-4093.

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5460 North State Road 7
Suite 211
North Lauderdale, Florida 33319
Mon - Tue: 10:00 a. m. -  9:45 p. m.
Wed - Fri: 10:00 a. m. - 5:00 p. m.
Sat: 10:00 a. m. -  2:00 p. m.
Sun: Closed

Florida Theological Chaplaincy Academy
Events Ministry Booklets Cost: $10.00
How to Officiate a Wedding
                                                   Proper Death Notification
How to Conduct a Funeral
 What Is the Proper Way to Baptize?
Choice or Chance?
How To Go Through The Fire
Things My Mother Never Knew To Tell Me
 What Is A Dedication and What Is Christening?
The Meaning of Ordination
 The Pastor, Elder, Minister, Missionary, Evangelist and Deacon Ordination
“And the Lord said unto Moses, Take thee Joshua the son of Nun, a man in whom is the spirit, and lay thine hand upon him; And set him before Eleazar the priest, and before all the congregation; and give him a charge in their sight. And thou shalt put some of thine upon him, that all the congregation of the children of Israel may be obedient
Numbers 27:18-20
I Am A Money Magnet
Dust Saved By Grace
Dr. Judith Ann Live At Cornerstone
Victim No More: Overcoming Domestic Violence
Florida Theological Ministries, Inc.   
    Recognize As an Independent Education by The State of Florida Department of Education
Phone: ( 954)  533-7677 
Email: ftministries1998@gmail.com
                           “Commissioned to Equip the Chosen to Reach the World”
  “Reaching Out To All To Prepare The Chosen Few 
 A Distance Learning University All Classes 
           Online Study Anytime Anywhere      
                                                             SPRING SEMESTER
December 28, 2019   ●    January 8, 2020
            Class Start:             January 11, 2016
      Class End:             May 2, 2016
May 9, 2    ●    January 8, 2020
         Class Start:             January 11, 2020
   Class End:             July 29, 2020
Theology is our Specialize field of studies. We award undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate degrees in Theology with conservative self - directed study courses.  
The Degrees Awarded are as follows:
Associate of Divinity or Theology
Bachelor of  Divinity or Theology
Master of  Divinity or Theology
Doctor of  Divinity or Theology
Our Selective Minors are as follows:
Christian Education and Chaplaincy Technology
Christian Leadership and Chaplaincy Technology
Christian Counseling and Chaplaincy Technology
Students are responsible for complying with all regulations governing registration, change-of-schedule (drop/add), tuition payment, and other requirements described or advised by the administration otherwise. Every registrant must complete and confirm individual class schedule with Academic Advisor when designated as applicable.
The Office of Academic Records is the official custodian of academic records and the keeper of the college seal. The general functions of FTU’s Registrar is to assist in planning and executing academic policies and programs; provide for administration of policies and regulations pertaining to the academic status of students; provide for planning and executing orderly registration and graduation of students; semester schedule of classes and final examination schedules; responsible for the maintenance and security of student records; provide counseling and certification to students and applicable.

The specific responsibilities of the office is to collect and maintain academic information; conduct registration for regular degree-seeking and non-degree seeking students; process the graduation of degree-seeking students; process change of grades and acceptance of transfer credits; prepare and distribute transcripts; maintain accurate academic, historical, biographical and directory information; provide information and data for use and review by academic divisions, planning and research units and other authorized personnel and agencies.

 FTU Steps to Becoming a Student at Florida Theological University

New, returning, and continuing students must complete the admission application per semester attending FTU.  Admissions Letter will be emailed with an assigned Academic Advisor for assessment, orientation and for class registrations.
Application Checklist √
List of items you need to complete your admissions file.
International Students or US Citizens living abroad
Any person who has attended school outside of the 50 United States must submit transcripts through the following service:
World Education Services (WES): Go to the following link to access information specific to your country. www.wes.org/required
FTU Prospective Students Admissions Checklist√
*Perspective Student Must Make Application Per Semester Attending
*Official State or Nation Picture ID with Completed Applicable
*3 Letters of References
*3 Letters of Recommendation (Graduate student include letters from program faculty, especially your thesis advisor.)     *Bio Testimony of Faith, Education, Affiliations, Experience for 10 years, and current life goals
*2 Current Pass Port Size Pictures
*Applicable Fee - (See degree for application fee)
*Official Transcript
   All transcripts are required for student assessment. Official Transcripts must be mailed
   directly from School of origin or School Transcript Service Agent to Florida Theological University
*Admission Letter from FTU
*Class Registration per course (Make All Payments on PayPal. Include Transaction Number with each Class Registration form)                                                                                                                
*Matriculation Card
            *FTU will set you up with a secure User Name and Password when application accepted
Note:   *Application Deadlines Apply
International Students or US Citizens living abroad
Any person who has attended school the 50 United States must submit transcripts through World Education Services (WES). Click on to access information specific to your country.                         Website: www.wes.org/required      
Request your transcripts
Official Transcripts must be mailed directly to the FTU Admissions Office from each School of origin you attended and received academic credits.
FTU Returning Students
FTU welcome returning students. You can be sure we will do everything possible to make your transition easy. If you left in good standing with the university you can reapply by completing an abbreviated Application for Readmission.
Note Requirements: 
Application Deadlines Apply.                                                                                                               Student Must Make Application Per Semester Attending
Applicable Fee required with application* 
3 Letters of Recommendation (Graduate program faculty, especially your thesis advisor.)        Admission Letter for Acceptance
Class Registration Form with payment per credit hour - per class registered*
2 Pass Port Size Pictures
Matriculation Card (issued per semester attending)                                                                           *(PayPal Transaction number required per document submitted)
*See: TUITION AND ENROLLMENT FEES for Applicable Fees per Degree
Requirements for Freshman Enrollment:
Welcome to FTU! A freshman will be a student enrolling in FTU with fewer than 15 credit hours from an accepted institution or otherwise recognized post-secondary institution since graduating from high school.
If you meet the following requirements, you will be considered for full acceptance.
If you do not meet all criteria, you may be granted probationary and/or conditional acceptance.
If you meet the following requirements, you will be considered for full acceptance.
If you do not meet all criteria, you may be granted probationary and/or conditional acceptance.
  • Rank in the top 40 percent of your graduating class
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.6 or higher on a 4.0 scale or have scored at least 52 on your GED
  • Have an ACT score of 20 or higher or score of 940 or higher - math and critical reading sections
 Assessment results, along with other criteria, provide Academic Advisor with important information to assist in providing guidance. Assessment sessions usually last about 2 1/2-3hours depending on which assessment is taken. It is strongly recommended that students whose primary language is not English complete the “English as a Second Language Course”. Contact you Academic Advisor to schedule assessment date and time. Students who have a learning disability should also schedule an appointment for  “Special Accommodation”
**Assessment Dates   and **Orientation Dates   (TBA)     **(Contact your Academic Advisor for your schedule Dates)
Students must make an appointment for an assessment session prior to orientation. Orientation is an hour session filled with important information about Florida Theological University. Email your questions and concerns to your Advisor prior to orientation appointment. During students will also be given their assessment scores and explanation as applicable. All students who have completed an approved assessment Orientation and scores must be on file in the Office of Matriculation.
Academic Advisor will help develop a Student Educational Plan to serve as a guide to achieve your academic goals. This consultation will assist with scheduling courses and will recommend placement courses. It is strongly recommended for students to have their unofficial high school transcript
5.   ACADEMIC ADVISOR without appointment
Specific days and times are available. Email your request.  Students will be assisted on first-come, basis. If you desire an appointment to receive counsel a Student Educational Plan or other assistance, please practice making an appointment with your Academic Advisor. 
Limited Evening Advisor Available—5:00-6:.
For their, assessment, Educational Plan from Academic Advisor. In the students will also be required to have completed a comprehensive Student Educational Plan in order to receive priority registration.
Students must complete the four matriculation steps before enrolling

                                   FLORIDA THEOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY                                                                                                                           

Enrollment Fees must be paid when application submitted.
$125.00                                                      Associate 
$175.00                                                      Masters   
Registration is available Online.  The following steps will guide you through the course registration process.
The Graduate Admissions office administers the application for admission and for readmission for all degree and non-degree graduate students. Contact us for further assistance if required. FTM reserve the rights to make fees and other changes without notice. All rights reserved.
                                                                    Bachelor of Divinity or Theology Degree
$275.00   Graduate                                     Master of Divinity or Theology Degree
$350.00                     Master’s Thesis
$550.00                      Graduate Level
Note:  Rental or hood included in graduation fees.
                               * Fees Apply per Credit Hour Awarded for Undergraduate and Graduate Course
$10.00                    Unofficial (issued to student)

$250.00           Reactivation Fee
$50.00             Return Check Fee (or more if applicable)
NO Refunds after 5 days. must Formally Withdraw from any enrolled class if not   Students have 30 days to reapply with fee credits. All credits terminated after 30 days.
 Florida Theological University Books, fees and handouts are separate cost and not added to the overall fees presented.

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